Original Electric Fragrance Warmer Refill

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Size: 1.42 fl oz

With a timeless fragrance blend of rose, lavender, patchouli, vetiver and spices, there is no name better than Claire Burke® Original. The sophisticated design plate of the Claire Burke® Fragrance Warmer Unit discretely covers the fragrance bottles, which feature our reformulated oil for a more impactful scent. Refill fragrance last for 30 days each.

How to Use the Warmer Unit

OPERATION: Please read all SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS included with the Claire Burke® Electric Home Fragrance Warmer Unit. Only use Claire Burke® Electric Fragrance Warmer Refills with Claire Burke® Electric Fragrance Warmer Unit.  Wash hands after handling.


5 (26)

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Write a Review


Posted by Karlee on Oct 2nd 2019
Obsessed with this smell.

"Smells so good in here"

Posted by Andrew Citino on Apr 2nd 2019
My wife and I own a Boutique in St Pete Florida {6S Boutique} we sell professional and theatrical make up and more. Not only do our in store customers comment on how good it smells in the shop, our online customers say when they open the package "it smells so good" 8 years in business and they are still saying "it smells so good in here"!!

Original scent warmers

Posted by Mary Crain on Feb 11th 2019
I have ordered these for a long time and I love them. People come to my house and always say it smells so good. I will never stop ordering them!!!


Posted by Lisa Hogue on Oct 31st 2018
I have used the Claire Burke original for over 20 years, and have sold it in my retail store as well. I recently used a plug in at a local home tour where over 20,000 people attended. Everyone commented, “What is that wonderful smell?” Thus, our sales have dramatically increased for this product is now our customers favorite purchase. I love it and never tire of the wonderful scent!


Posted by Rebecca Callister on Aug 2nd 2018
I've used Claire Burke for decades. I love their products. My home smells absolutely wonderful. Everyone who walks in comments on how good my house smells.

Fresh & Uplifting

Posted by Diane on Jan 11th 2018
This is my first purchase from Claire Burke and bought 2 different scents of the plug in refills. The Original Scent is so clean, fresh and uplifting! The scent is strong enough to fill a big room and just adds a beautiful fragrance to the area. It makes me happy every time I walk into the room!

Awesome scent!!!

I love this product!!! Smells awesome. I use the Original fragrance. I will continue using.


Posted by MARLENE R MARCEAUX on Sep 11th 2017
As I said in my review for the Original home spray I can always depend on it to freshen my home.

the best

Posted by vicki93950@yahoo.com on Jul 30th 2017
I have always loved the smell of the original. Now my whole house smells wonderful. I never want to be without it.

Love original scent!!!!!!!!!!

Have used it for years all over my house and use the perfume on me. Get lots of compliments.

A best seller

These refills are extremely popular They provide good value that has a loyal following

Can't get enough of this original scent!!!!!!!

Posted by Debe on Feb 7th 2017
I use these plugins and they are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The original scent is my favorite.

Posted by Nancy on Feb 5th 2017
I was introduced to this scent so many years ago, that I have lost count. I've had lots of chances to change fragrances and don't because I love CB Original. I want to be the first to know when you offer a clip type air freshener for cars!

"Smells so good in here"

Posted by Andrew on Dec 12th 2016
My Wife and I own a small business, we carry professional and theatrical make up and cater to the professional. 9 out of 10 people that enter our store say "It smells so good in here", our store is a beauty to look at, coupled with an amazing smell keeps the customers shopping longer.

My Favorite Scent Greets Me!

Posted by Louanne on Sep 7th 2016
What a great buy, to purchase the electric fragrance warmer of my favorite Original Claire Burke Scent. Now when I walk into my home after a 12 hour night shift, I take a deep breath and relax!

SPA @ home!!!!

Posted by Emily on Jun 13th 2016
Goodness gracious! I am in love with this scent! I smelled it at a friend's house and instantly had to buy some. It literally makes my house smell like a spa!!! SOOOOO IN LOVE WITH THIS!!!


Posted by Linda Radel on Jun 7th 2016
For many years, my sister would have Claire Burke "Original" Potpourri sitting in baskets or bowls and scattered throughout her house and the Home Fragrance Spray was in every bathroom and her kitchen. Every once in a while, she'd splurge and purchase an "Original" Botanical Candle or two! Well, my much-loved sister passed away a few months ago, and, wanting something personal to her to which I could cling, I purchased these Fragrance Warmer Refills and the plug-in units in which to warm the scent. Now, I love walking into my own house and smelling a wonderful fragrance that reminds me of so many happy times, spent in her home, with my amazing sister! Thank You, Claire Burke, for continuing to produce, in so many convenient forms, this timeless scent...I've been slowly filling my home with many of the options available!!

love it,

I have used Claireburke since the early 1990. A neighbor introduced it to me when we lived in Indiana. We moved back home to SC in 1996 and I continue to use it. Everyone That comes in my home ask about it. Only wish somewhere in my area sold this product. My only option is to order on line. I only use Original and love it.

First Time User of this Product and Love It

Posted by Carole Young on May 19th 2016
My Mother always used Claire Burke Original but the electric wall unit did not exist back then. So I decided to try it and I love it. I have ordered more. The Original fragrance is my favorite and brings back fond memories of my Mom.

The Best

Love the lasting scent and they look nice too

Original refill for new fragrance warmer

Love Claire Burke Original. It makes the house smell "mossy"! I like every thing in the house infused with it. The new fragrance warmer is prettier and seems to give off more scent. It seems to defuse more scent and it lasts to the last drop of the oil. I always thought the old warmers gave out after the first week or so of a new bottle.

Original, Original, Original!!

Posted by Georgette Koury on May 16th 2016
Love this stuff!! Cannot get enough. The new design is great.

New fragrance warmer is very attractive.

Your new fragrance warmer is very attractive.


Posted by SHEILA PINNER ON 3-24-16 on Mar 24th 2016

By far the best in any home fragrance!!!!

Posted by Donna Bowen on Mar 22nd 2016
I am so not surprise4d it sold so quick. I

wonderful scent

Posted by Beth Stewart on Mar 21st 2016
Excited to have the original scent back in our home!