Wax Melts Hacks

It is about creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.  A relaxing feel good mood. It is a wickless candle of sorts, a scented wax that you warm up and melt in a warming device either electric or one that heats up using a tealight or votive. These warmer units come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. It is best to do your research and find one that matches the design style of your home. Check out the Warmer Unit by Claire Burke. It has clean lines, is white ceramic and simple so that it really fits in any decor, not to mention very budget friendly.

When the wax is warmed up it releases the fragrance oil. The unit creates a feeling of warmth and comfort which is why many love the wax melts. If the fragrance becomes too strong, you can simply turn the unit off. If you want to add fragrance, you can add more wax melt cubes or even some home fragrance oil to increase the fragrance strength. The home oils are generally highly concentrated oil and are a wonderful way to make the fragrance stronger. Some people have asked if you can use Epson Salt in your warmer unit. The answer is yes you can use the salts as well. The heat will break down some of the properties and create the oils that release the fragrances.

The beauty of a wax melt warmer is you can easily change the fragrance by cleaning out the bowl and using a different scented wax melt. To clean out the warmer unit, turn it off and a minute or two later put a cotton ball or two in the wax. These will absorb the wax enough to clean the bowl under hot water. You can also put the wax bowl in the freezer until it hardens, then pop out the wax, carefully. It might be easy to just use a paper towel to wipe out my unit after it as cooled slightly. The melts are so inexpensive you can experiment and try different fragrances.

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Claire Burke's Ceremic Wax Melt Warmer Unit


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