Spring Cleaning Made Easy

We are all familiar with the term Spring Cleaning. When Spring arrives, I instinctively get a feeling of wanting to clean and organize. A good spring clean-up makes us feel good and is cheaper than therapy and counts as exercise! It promotes wellness when you create a clean and organized space.  

Here are a few DIY spring cleaning tips so you can declutter and deep clean your house to make it sparkle all year round.

1. Remove water stains with lemon for a natural faucet fix

This spring, make faucets clean and sparkly by rubbing a lemon half on the water stains. The citric acid helps remove hard water marks. You can also grind up citrus in the kitchen sink to remove unwanted odors.

2. Clean your microwave by heating lemon juice and rinsing in lukewarm water

Cut a lemon into halves, squeeze the juice into 1/2 cup of water and drop the rinds into the mixture. Microwave for three minutes and let it stand for five minutes without opening the door. The trapped steam will loosen the grime, so you can wipe it clean with less elbow grease.

3. Use white vinegar to remove shower head buildup

Vinegar can dissolve the mineral deposits that accumulate in showerheads over time, causing reduced pressure and water flow. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, secure it over the showerhead with a rubber band and leave it overnight to get rid of buildup. Remove it the next day and wipe clean.

4. Clean stainless steel sinks with baking soda

Simply wet your sink and faucet, sprinkle baking soda, and scrub with a sponge. If you need more heavy-duty scrubbing power, add salt to the baking soda.

5. Use newspaper to clean dirty windows and mirrors

This one is an oldy but good one. Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of water, and 2 teaspoons of liquid soap into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the glass and scrub with newspaper for a streak-free window or mirror. The ink acts as a mild abrasive and allows you to make use of old newspapers.

6. Organize your fridge and cabinets

We all have condiments sitting around that you used one teaspoon for a recipe. Do yourself a favor and throw out all out of date, unused condiments. It is a great time to wipe down all shelves and organise your pantries and spices.

7. Place a wet dryer sheet on your ceramic stovetop to remove burnt-on residue

Dryer sheets are non-abrasive and a great way to remove burnt-on food from your stove. Place the wet dryer sheet on your stovetop at least 15 minutes before rubbing the gunk away.

8. Clean your grill

I am the worst at letting the food burn off the grill after grilling. First, heat it up and spray some white vinegar onto the grates to help loosen the residue. Then, scrub the area firmly using half an onion. The acid from the onion will rid your grill of any leftover remnants.

9. Unpack and stack your spring/summer clothes vertically

Are your dresser drawers a mess? All the digging around to find that certain item gets everything messy. Instead of putting away folded clothes flat, stack them vertically for easy access. You can also roll them up and lay them in your drawer, so you can see each item. Donate any items you have not worn in 2 years.

10. Clean coffee pots, toasters and tea kettles

Combine 1 tsp of cream of tartar with just enough water to create a milky paste. Rub the solution onto your stainless steel appliances and wipe away to reveal their original shine.

11. Know your couch or rug before cleaning it

Need to spot clean some items. Remove all cushions and vacuum. Familiarize yourself with the cleaning codes below.

Upholstery Cleaning Labels:
W: Use water-based cleaning solutions.
S: Use dry-cleaning solvents. Do not saturate. Do not use water.
S-W: Use water-based cleaners or dry-cleaning solvents.
X: Use a vacuum or brush only.

12. Use a window squeegee to scrape pet hair from your carpet or rug

The rubber edge of the squeegee is a great tool for gripping and removing pet hair from your rug. Use a firm grip and make sure to clean up the excess hair as you go. Finish by running the vacuum to catch any hair still on the surface.

13. Put the spring back in your keyboards with cotton swabs

Is your key board nasty? If keys are sticking, or your entire keyboard just doesn’t have the same pop that it used to, chances are dirt and crumbs are the culprits. Sweep cotton swabs between your keys to dislodge dust and grime. And for a real deep clean, use compressed air to blast away any leftover dust, and follow it up with one more sweep through your keys, this time using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to kill germs.

14. Use a butter knife to clean air vents

Use a butter knife to reach those tough get places between and behind your vents. Simply wrap the knife in a rag and wipe between the slats.

15. Declutter your home

Just like your closet as gotten disheveled, your house, may have too . As you’ve been hibernating throughout the winter and piling on the sweaters and blankets, there’s a good chance that clutter—and your lists of chores—have been piling up as well. Start small – don’t try to attack your entire house at once. Think about clearing one room, or even one closet, at a time.

When this is complete, sort it out. Go through your space and separate your belongings into categories. Determine the things you will keep on hand, store for later, sell, donate, or throw away.

16. Organize and freshen up

In summary, once you’ve cleared out the clutter, give your home some much-needed TLC.

  • Empty your kitchen fridge and thoroughly clean it.
  • Sweep under your large appliances, like the stove and the fridge, and larger furniture pieces, like dressers, desks, and the beds. Don’t forget to clean the coils under your fridge. I use a blower from behind the unit. Blows out all the dust.
  • Wash the windows, both inside and out.
  • Clean blinds and take any curtains or drapes to the cleaners.
  • Flip your mattress. Don’t just clean your sheets; wash your pillows and mattress covers as well.
  • Clean your upholstery, or hire a professional to do it.


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