Everyday Guide to Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are an excellent product to use when you want a constant stream of fragrance and you are not able to watch a candle. I love that there are so many varieties. The reeds to come in different colors and lengths. There are several things to think about when selecting a diffuser and the placement.

Size Matters
It's not realistic to think a small diffuser will fill a large room with fragrance. Diffusers come in many shapes and sizes so note that when purchasing. If you want a bigger impact, consider using several reed diffusers in a room.
Setting up
If your diffuser comes with a canister/vase for the oil to be poured be very careful. The oil can damage many surfaces, wood and granite and marble counters. Make sure to wipe the sides and bottom of the canister. You can use any glass vase or reuse another diffuser piece that you have at home.  We love to reuse and repurpose items. It is a nice touch to place your diffuser on a pretty coaster/plate which is a good safeguard too. Also the reed diffuser refills are often cheaper, so you can reuse your original vase or whatever you have at home that looks nice in the room.
Placement is Key
We recommend you put the diffuser in a high traffic area (i.e. entry way, shelf in bathroom, family room). Your guest will notice the fragrance immediately.  Air flow will also help the fragrance diffuse into the room. So set on a table near a vent.
The Reeds
Your diffuser probably came with 8-12 reeds. You can place all the reeds in the canister at one time or you might choose to place half now and then replace later with the rest. The reeds can last up to 4 months, but all depends on the temperature of the room. When the reeds get over saturated they will stop working as well. What many people do not know is for the best performance of your reeds, you will want to flip them as they become saturated. This promotes the release of fragrance into the air. I always purchase extra reeds too so you can add some at any time to help the performance of the diffuser. 

Lovely Sunday

Adding fragrance to any room just makes the space more pleasant. Add a beautiful diffuser tucked away or out on a table. The diffuser helps create a cozy space and make it feel like a chillin Sunday.


  • Julie

    I purchased the diffuser in the original scent. I placed it in the bathroom. I have not been able to smell it at all. I tried flipping the reeds—that didn’t help. There was ZERO fragrance from the reeds or diffuser. I would appreciate my money back. I have not had any luck with the product.

  • Loretta Jarrell

    Which is more potent, the reeds, the melts, or the oil in a potpourri pot? Does anyone still sell the little sachet bags that used to come in a wooden box and you could put the sachets in potpourri with water and they lasted and smelled so good! It was the scent of Christmas Memories.

  • Lynn Butterfield

    Do you have samples of the scents? I normally get the Original Scent. I have been using that for over 50 years. Thank you, Lynn Butterfield

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