The Modern Day Potpourri

Claire Burke Botanical Potpourri for Home

Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant materials and botanicals used to provide a gentle light scent commonly in residential settings. Today the look and feel of potpourri has changed over the years making it more modern than the early days of huge cauldrons cooking on an open fire with mixtures of herbs and spices. Claire Burke herself would make home-made potpourri and give it to her clients as a leave behind signature gift. 

It is easy to create a pleasant scent in your home by adding potpourri to several rooms. The sense of smell is known to have a powerful effect on your mood so the placement of your potpourri is key. You will want to consider the type of bowl or glass cylinder to display it. This will enhance your decor and give it a more modern look. You can also scatter potpourri around a candle setting to act as a center piece for your coffee or dinning table. Today's natural botanicals add texture and a pop of color as well. 

Today there are more options and varieties. You have different home oils and pure essential oils used to refresh and extend the life of your potpourri. You can enjoy it in so many different fragrances too. Some people like color while others choose a more settle look. So many options and ways to decorate with it. Visually it can add a bit of color and a natural element to a neutral room, or easily blend into your current color scheme. 

Potpourri can also enrich the ambience of your kitchen, when you place some apple or cinnamon fragranced Potpourri in the room. Another way to use your potpourri is to simmer it on the stove with a bit of simmering oil and water, which can add a bit more fragrance to the room. 

Potpourri has texture, color, fragrance and often a mood enhancing effect. Sounds like it may be the perfect addition to your home! Claire Burke offers several different fragrances so check out the options below.


Claire Burke Original Potpourri and Fragrance Oil Starter Kit


Lavender is a soothing fragrance and can help you relax and sleep. Patchouli can help reduce stress and put you in a restful mood. Both scents are in the Claire Burke Original Potpourri & oil. 

Place a bowl of potpourri on your dresser or nightstand will ensure a restful night of sleep. You may want to add fragrance oil to your potpourri, as the home fragrance gets milder over time. 

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Claire Burke Apple jack and Peel Potpourri and Fragrance Oil Starter Kit


Oodles of chunky apple slices, golden cinnamon sticks, green leaves, and orange slices are packed into our Applejack & Peel Potpourri.

Unwrap Claire Burke Applejack and Peel Potpourri and unveil a world of truly timeless beauty! It makes the perfect gift for  someone special.

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Claire Burke Christmas Memories Potpourri and Fragrance Oil Starter Kit


Christmas Memories is a holiday tradition in itself and remains a mainstay in the holiday home fragrance world. Known for its distinct and spicy aroma, when using it throughout your home. 

The smell of Christmas Memories  gets me into the holiday spirit.

Visually: rich red botanicals with green and gold accents, with the fragrant aroma of cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar. 

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