Mother's Day Gift Guide

 What are you getting Mom this Year?

When my children were younger they use to give me index cards with "promises" written on each one as my Mother's Day gift.  It was the sweetest thing, straight from the heart.  I remember promises of a 5 minute back rub, and one time to clean up the kitchen after dinner, or 2 days of cleaning up their rooms without being asked, and the delivery of breakfast in bed. The gift made my heart swell, but I am not sure they actually followed through with many of them. Boy, I really miss those days!

Now, Claire Burke makes it easy. She has a whole Mother's Day Gift guide with an abundance of ideas for things you can give your Mom. Make sure it is something she will truly will love. Check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide.  It will help take the guesswork out of what to get Mom this Mother's Day. 

Claire Burke’s sachets with the scent of Original will remind her how much you care every time she opens her drawer or closet. Now, if you really want to spoil her, the candles and air freshener sprays that come in the Diamond Collection line. Four uniques choices of fragrances are Original, Sea Salt & Grapefruit, Mandarin Musk, and Lavender Balsam. They come individually boxed, so no gift wrapping required. A perfect gift, really true luxury and something special for every Mother! You really want to look at one of the newest additions to the product lines, the Original Soap & Lotion set.  She will really be wowed. Spoil her with any of these options. Check out a few other fragrant gifts we've picked out for mom this year. 



Claire Burke Original Candle - 9.5 ounces
Claire Burke Gold Stainless Steel Wick Trimmer
Claire Burke Original Scented Lotion and Hand Soap
Claire Burke Ceramic Wax Warmer for Wax Tarts
Claire Burke Mandarin Musk Air Freshener Spray
Claire Burke Scented Sachets - Original Fragrance
Claire Burke Candle Gift Set - Full Size Candle Sampler

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