From Stinky Home to Spa

How does your home smell?

You know when you walk into a Spa, the smell that fills the air - clean, fresh, relaxing yet invigorating. You immediately are transported to another place, maybe you feel like you are on vacation. So refreshing and calming, it sets your mood and you immediately want to bottle it up and take it home. We go to the spa to escape and leave our troubles behind. Our home might not have this spa like scent, but it should right! In fact, your home might smell like last nights dinner. 

Claire Burke Sea Salt and Grapefruit Candle

If you want to change the mood in your home, one of the quickest ways is through smell. Our sense of smell is a huge contributor to tricking the mind into letting go. That is why so many people love to have fresh flowers. It not only looks great but it smells amazing. But for those of us who do not have a flower shop around the corner, I have some other suggestions. Claire Burke offers some fragrances that can help you wind down and let go. Isn’t it time you pamper yourself? 

We have a fragrance for everyone in different products.

If you are looking for amazing home sprays or candles, check out the newest fragrances from the Diamond Collection:  Lavender Balsam, Sea Salt and GrapefruitMandarin Musk and the Original. You might even decide to use a couple in combination so you are sure to catch the mood of a spa. Perhaps you prefer a wax melt unit or reed diffuser. Or if those or not your cup of tea, try the electric plugin. The options are abundant. There are so many ways to add a constant stream of fragrance to your space. And flowers die, right. 

Make your Space Spa-like

Claire Burke Potpourri

Fragrant Potpourri

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