6 Types of Candles to Keep in Your Home

I like to have a few different kinds of candles around to help me set the perfect mood for whatever I might have planned, get together with friends, dinner party etc. Candles have the power to change the look and feel of a place, not just add fragrance. You can dimly illuminate a room to create a mood. It truly can elevate the look of a room. Candles have come a long way and you can get them in so many different shapes and sizes, colors and fragrances.
Best Type of Candles to Keep in Your Home - Pillar Candle


Typically burns 3-4 hours and must be put in or on a candle stick holder.  They can come in different sizes, widths, shapes and color. A great way to add a little romance with a candle lit dinner.


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Claire Burke Glass Filled Candles - Best Candles to Keep in Your Home


These come in a glass jar and are larger than the votives. The glass can be colorful and add interest as well as protect the surface the candle is resting on.  Simply place a candle on a coffee table book in your family room, or lining the pathway to your front door for a grand entrance.


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Claire Burke Scented Votive Candles - Best - Candles - to - Keep - in - Home


 A smaller candle usually around 1 ½ inches tall and 2” in diameter. You should always place in a holder of some sort before lighting. To create a nice visual, put several together in a grouping to add to your décor. You can make a statement when friends come over, have several lined up on your dining room table or mantle.

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Claire Burke Scented Tea Light Candles


These are smaller than votives, and also need to be put in a container before you light. Tealights are a great accent when spread throughout in groups. They are typically small, circular, usually wider than their height, and very affordable (inexpensive). They derive their name from their use in teapot warmers, but are also used in food warmers.

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5 Types of Candles to Keep in Your Home by Claire Burke


Versatile, safe, and stylish. Taper Candles are becoming very popular due to their simplistic design. A tapered candle is visually long, thin candle with a cylindrical base that narrows on top. They could be plain or twisted and are generally inexpensive, making them a good decor option. Colorful tapered candles are especially helpful in setting the mood for any aspect or setting of your wedding. I believe a 12" taper candles can really set the mood in any space.  

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5 Types of Candles to Keep in Home by Claire Burke - Floating Candles


These are perfect center pieces and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Molded with large tops and small bottoms so they can float in water without tipping. You can add flowers around the candles for a beautiful pop of color, even stones, sand or beads for texture. The glow of fire on water is an incredible combination and a stunning accent. 


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  • Nelda Bracksieck

    I love my Christmas Memories products from Claire Burke!

  • Patricia Lynne Barr

    Glass jar candle is fantastic. Burned most of the way down. So happy to find the original scents I remember.

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