Holiday Fragrance Collection Gift Guide


Let Claire help you with all the loved ones on your list. Great ideas for special gifts for family and friends and even a few stocking stuffers. You might even find something for yourself. 



Christmas Memories Candle

Beloved Claire Burke holiday fragrance in an eye-catching red vessel for the Christmas season. With the smell of cinnamon and spice in the air, it sets the mood of Christmas. It puts a smile on everyone's face and welcomes in the Holiday.

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Gold Wick Trimmer

Perfect accessory for the candle lover. This technically isn't a fragrance, but it's a must-have on everyone's shopping list. A great gift for that special someone. It keeps all the wicks on your favorite candles at the perfect length for an even burn. A great stocking stuffer for all your friends.

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Christmas Memories Potpourri Starter Kit 

Features an array of holiday botanicals. Beautiful on any table, emitting the smell of the Holidays. This potpourri comes with a concentrated home oil that you can refresh your potpourri and control the strength of fragrance. Another great gift idea! 

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Fontana Heirloom Candle

Your old flame is back in a new vessel. This fragrances has notes of bergamot, clove, amber musk and hints of sage. Definitely a masculine scent with woodsy undertones. 

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Fresh Royal Fir Plug-in Scented Oil Starter Kit

Now your home can smell like a Christmas Tree 24/7 with the Fresh Royal Fir Scented Plug-in Refill. This starter kit is the perfect gift for all. Release the fragrance of fresh cut pine and crips woodsy notes into the air with continuing stream. No fuss, only fresh fragrance all day long.

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Vanilla Bean Wax Melts

Buttercream frosting reminds me of being home with my parents during the holidays, making sugar cookies. Warming up 2 tarts brings me back to those special moments. You can not beat this scent rich and sweet combination of tonka bean and musk. 

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Fresh Royal Fir Candle

This glass filled candle is perfect addition to any room. With up to 70 hours of burn time and hand poured in the USA. This fragrant candle is lovely year round.

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Christmas Memories Spray

Smells like cinnamon, spice and everything nice. When your guest are looking you can spritz into the air and enjoy the scent. They will love it too.

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Lavender Balsam Candle

Features an array of lavender, citron, sweet grass, rosemary and woodsy notes. Enjoy up to 55 hours of burn time. A beautiful fragrance that all that enter your home will comment on. 

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Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil 

Just a few drops of Vanilla Bean is all you need to make your home smell. The perfect stocking stuffer for those that love Vanilla Bean. You can use this oil to refresh your potpourri and add strength to your wax melt warmer unit. Make both as strong as you like with this product.

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