Aesthetic Candle Trend

Eccentric candles are the newest home decor trend taking over your Instagram feed. Let’s face it, you can never have too many candles. While these candles are for decorative purposes, the aesthetic candle trend isn’t slowing down. I’m not ashamed of going in on this new hot home decor trend and want you to dive in with me. The issue most people face: it’s difficult to find a place to purchase these candles. Consider this your lucky day, I went on a hunt for the best aesthetic candles and rounded them up just for you. From sculptural candles to novelty


Bubble Candles

Typically small in size, I suggest getting a few in multiple colors to mix and match in your space. 

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Tapered Twirl Candle

Goodbye traditional white dinnerware candles and hello Tapered Twirl Candles. Classic meets modern

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Spiral Candles

The newest addition to everyone's tablescape. Available in multiple colors from bright pinks to swoon-worthy pastels.

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Shell Candles

The candle aesthetic trend that started it all, “Mother of Pearl” shaped candle.

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Female Form Candle

What better way to pay tribute to the feminine era than a miniature candle in the shape of your body. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, you can literally find one that resembles your body shape. The candle aesthetic trend that started it all.

Pretty Little Thing $12 | Revolve Candle $53


Bending Candle

You’ve probably seen Tiktok taking candle bending to the next level.

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Ceramic Vase Shaped Candle 

Talk about a statement piece. 

Revolve Noir Candle Vase Set $68


Sculptural Candles

Level up your shelfie-game

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Knot Yarn Candle

Level up your shelfie-game


Novelty Candles

Eye-catching statement, piece worthy of scoring a prime position on your coffee table. I’m not sure why people refer to novelty candles as “odd-shaped candles”. Regardless, of the shabby reference these candles don’t   Shop on Amazon 

Arched Candles - Amazon