Applejack & Peel® Potpourri

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Size: 2 Dry Qts

Oodles of chunky apple slices, golden cinnamon sticks, green leaves, and orange slices are packed into our Applejack and Peel® Potpourri, with a vibrant scent of baked apples, cinnamon, spice and a twist of citrus. Complete with coordinating satin ribbon, the Applejack and Peel® potpourri attractively presents the warm red, green and golden hues of new botanicals and lasting fragrance. Perfect for gift giving and perfect for you.  



Applejack & Peel® Potpourri Applejack & Peel® Potpourri Applejack & Peel® Potpourri
5 (17)

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Applejack &Peel Potpourri and Claire Burke

Posted by Mari on Jan 10th 2019
Applejack &Peel potpourri is a longtime favorite scent for the Christmas holidays, and it used to be readily available for purchase in many stores in my area. Sadly, this is not so these days. I was very pleased to have been able to purchase this favorite holiday scent directly from Their merchandise was varied, in stock, and reasonably priced. The website is easy to navigate to view merchandise and to complete an order. I received my order quickly, and I’m still enjoying the lovely scent of my favorite Applejack & Peel potpourri. I’ll keep ordering Claire Burke products directly from the website from now on. And I’ll keep buying Applejack & Peel potpourri for my home’s Christmas scent as long as it’s available.


Posted by Tiffely Sheppard on Aug 3rd 2017
I have used Claire Burke for years and Apple Jack & Peel is the best.


Posted by Cathye Davis on Nov 30th 2016
I was so excited to find your web store I have searched for Apple Jack Peel in stores for years . I had my house fiilled with wonderful sense of fresh apples amd orange . When the family walked in the door for the holidays they commented on the memories it brought back Thank you Cathye

Applejack and Peel

Posted by Wanda Pineiro on May 22nd 2016
The only potpourri I have ever purchase with a scent that last for days! Thank you Claire Burke!


Posted by Sue on Oct 18th 2015
I have been buying ClairBurke for years I love it ,the applejack is probably our favorite scent

Best Fall Smells Ever

Posted by Kathy on Sep 28th 2015
I always get a new bag of AppleJack potpourri every Fall to celebrate the season. The aroma of apples and cinnamon are perfect for this time of year.

Best Potpourri Available

Posted by Mary-Beth on Aug 7th 2015
ive been buying this potpourri since around 1990, and I LOVE it! I put it out the weekend before back-to-school and it's a delightful late summer/early autumn scent. It's also a beautiful mix, with real apples pieces, cinnamon sticks and leaves, very colorful! I hope they make it for many years to come! Thanks Claire Burke for making traditions!

Over 10 years

Posted by Jerry on Jan 4th 2015
it is a Christmas scent my family has enjoyed for over ten years. Thank you.

My Favorite for the Fall/Christmas

Posted by Lori Jones on Dec 29th 2014
I love the fact that you can smell this instantly and that is fills your whole house up. It lasts a long time too.

Great fragrance!

Posted by Lara on Nov 8th 2014
My favorite fall fragrance.....cinnamon and apples and long lasting. Our house smells wonderful and friends always say it too. Love, love, love it!

It's our favorite fragrance.

Posted by Annie J. on Feb 15th 2014
The scent of apples and cinnamon is our favorite. My daughter said that many of her teen friends have commented on our house always smelling like apples.I can't remember how many years we've been buying this potpourri but I know we will continue for many more.

smaller botanicals please

LOVE the scent of AJ & P, but the botanical blend needs to be a bit smaller. I miss the pinecones and leaves that used to be in it. Also the wood pieces helped to make the fragrance LONG lasting.

This is the best smelling potpourri

Posted by Gail on Jan 9th 2014
I have tried many different cinnamon scents and nothing smells as good as Clair Burke Applejack. It is the best and it lasts a long time. Make sure to print out instructions on how to arrange potpourri in a bowl. It is so much better than just dumping it into a dish. It defiantly made a difference. Love, love, love this smell. My whole house is delicious.

The Best Smell not a good variety size anymore.

Posted by Sherry on Nov 21st 2013
Nothing that I have found out dose The Claire Burke Applejack and Peel Potpourri.....but I really need the old size filling. The larger pieces just about have to have a wide bowl. Please give us an option.

Applejack and Peel Potpourri

The potpourri is as beautiful as it smells. It makes for lovely fall decor.

Simply the best!

Posted by Erica on Sep 3rd 2013
The fragrance is fantastic. No comparison to others on the market.

THE best fragrance product for your home.

Posted by Tee on Aug 14th 2013
I have loved Applejack and Peel for years. I couldn't find it in retail stores anymore, so I decided to go online and order it. My house smells wonderful! Now when you come in, you are greeted with such a wonderful scent.