Original Home Fragrance Spray 6-Pack

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Size: 6 x 3 oz (85g)
Multipack: 6


A timeless blend of rose, lavender, patchouli, vetiver, and spices. There is no name better than Claire Burke® Original. Be unique, be yourself... be Original.



5 (7)

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Write a Review

Love it

Posted by Ruthie on 8th Nov 2018
I have been using the Original scent for many years. The scent is unique and I find it to be very calming. I spray it all over the house every day.

Claire Burke Original Spray

Posted by Cynthia Shifler on 21st Sep 2018
Love the smell. It reminds me of a boutique that I used to go to. All of the clothing smelled like this spray.

Great scent

Posted by Mary Ann on 3rd Aug 2018
We really like and enjoy the spray and look forward to using it all the time. Makes our home smell so good.

Original Fragrance Spray

Posted by Jaysie on 11th Jun 2018
Thank goodness this Original scent is still available! It is a truly unique fragrance that has never been duplicated and has become a necessity among its fans who have been buying it for decades. Just like there are classic fine French perfumes for personal use, Claire Burke's Original is a distinctively classic scent for the home. Not floral, not fruity, not powdery, not exactly spicy, but a strangely zippy scent with a clean edge. This scent is one-of-a-kind and has not changed, nor should it ever be.

Original spray

Posted by Stephanie on 20th May 2018
I started using the room spray after being at a Show House . That's what they used all over the house! Loved it ever since. I use it all the time.

Claire Burke Original Home Fragrance

Posted by Kris Dalman on 18th Apr 2018
My mother used Claire Burke Original too - it's the one and only best in the world home fragrance - mysterious and fresh at the same time. Most home fragrances are so strong and gross. When I come home at night I can still faintly smell it and it is so classic and good - glad I can still get it. The candle is also wonderful. Will have to try some of the others sometime.

Original Home Fragrance

Posted by Amgela on 12th Mar 2018
My mother srarted to use this scent in the 1960's. When I got my own home I also started using it as well. It is the BEST!!!!!