Original Home Fragrance Boxed Spray

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Availability: Discontinued
Size: 3 oz (85g)
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While we longer make the boxed Original Home Spray, you can continue to buy this iconic fragrance. The Original 3 oz home fragrance spray is now available in a retro modern look. Search for it in our room spray product page.

With its long-lasting burst of fragrance, Claire Burke's Original Home Fragrance Room Spray infuses any atmosphere with calming notes of rose, lavender and spice. 

5 (134)

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Original Home Fragrance Spray

Posted by Marilyn on 25th Feb 2018
I discovered the Original Home Fragrance Spray over 35 years ago and have used it ever since. I also give the boxed version away as gifts for birthdays, Christmas,... I love the scent. It is not overpowering. Just a clean pleasant fragrance . My friends and relatives love it too!

Home fragrance spray

Posted by Isla on 8th Feb 2018
This is my favorite have been using for over twenty years

Original Scent Spray

Posted by Jbyrd on 31st Jan 2018
Love the original scent and the best!!!!! Quality product exceeds others.

Original Fragrance spray

Posted by MR on 18th Dec 2017
My favorite everyday room spray for many years. Pleasant to use in every room .

Original Scent

I have been using this product for over 35 years. For my family and friends it has become an intrinsic part of what represents my home. Please don't ever change it or discontinue it! One of your most loyal customers.

As always, The Best!!

Posted by Joan DiIorio on 26th Sep 2017
To me, this is the scent of a fresh, clean home. Everyone loves it. Never over powering but lasts a long time. Not sweet, which I love. A forever fragrance.

original potpourie, my favorite for30+ years

For me, no fragrance compares to Original. Hope they never stop making it!

Original scent have used 30+ years

Discovered Original in linen shop 30+ yrs ago. Immediately clicked w/me. Have used ever since. Wish I could purchase locally; will do what it takes , online, to get it!

LOVE THIS SPRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Debe on 7th Feb 2017
Love this spray and the original scent is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not enough stars!!!

I simply adore this spray

The besr room spray out there!

Posted by Karen L Deake on 3rd Jan 2017
I have been using Clair Burke Original for almost 40 years. I now also buy it for my daughter. I love this stuff. I wish you had gift certificates! Would be awesome at Christmas time, birthdays. Mother's Day or just about any time.

Favorite Spray

Posted by lynn dougall on 1st Jan 2017
My mom used the original spray for years and years. She passed away three years ago and now my daughter and I use this product in our homes. Every time we spray, we are reminded of my mom. The fragrance is the BEST!!! You only need one teeny, tiny squirt as a little goes a long way!!

Claire Burke Original bringing the smell of love to our home!

Posted by Mindy on 20th Nov 2016
I have been using Claire Burke Original products for over 25 years. I am disappointed that you have chosen to stop bundling products.

lovely fragrance!

Posted by Melinda McKinney on 16th Nov 2016
A good friend of mine has used this product for years and gave me a bottle when I visited. I was hooked and ordered 4 for me...I've already gone through one, had a good friend come and visit and gave her a can. Will be ordering more in the future...makes my house smell like a "spa"!

Love it!!

Posted by Ann Hurley on 4th Oct 2016
My signature home fragrance for many yrs!

Love it

Easy to use and I like this fragrance.


Posted by B.Webb (Brampton) on 15th Sep 2016
I use the room spray right after I have cleaned a room. Wonderful! I also use it in my apartment in Belize during the winter months. Just can't do without it.

Exceptional product

Posted by Jim on 14th Sep 2016
I have been using the original room fragrance for over 30 years the best product in my opinion on the market . I love come home after a long day to the freshness of the original fragrance. I have tried other fragrances by Claire Burke but always had original fragrance on the shelf . I only wish that they had an automatic dispenser like the one Air Wick has who knows it could be in the works.

Signature scent

Posted by Diana Glendinning on 8th Sep 2016
Every time I am prompted to write a review for this product I hesitate. It's not because I will give it a low rating, but it is so delightful I am certain that one day I will go to the website and it will be "sold out!"

Original Scent Spray

Posted by Erin Bennett on 7th Sep 2016
I first found this product 33 years ago when I was 17 and living in the States. It has been my signature bedroom scent ever since. When I moved back home to Canada I could not purchase it here so had to order it and have it shipped from the States. It later was available in Canada at times easily found and at other times more difficult. I have been a loyal user of ONLY this home scent for over three decades and have many friends and family members that tell me that the scent reminds them of me now. Needless to say I absolutely ADORE this product and use it exclusively in my home. One spray above the sheets at bedtime and I always fall into a blissful sleep. Thank you Claire Burke. Whatever other scents you design don't ever stop making this one~! xo

An enduring, classic Southern fragrance

Posted by bill g johnson on 6th Sep 2016
For more than 50 years, the original Claire Burke fragrance has endured! From its origins in historic Williamsburg, Va., this fragrance has always reflected the classic sense of good taste and style. It may be imitated, but the original scent is just that...original. Smell is perhaps the strongest of our senses...CB's Original takes us back to enjoy beautiful memories!

Claire Burke Original

Posted by Lee Harrington on 4th Sep 2016
Simply the most elegant home freshener available, in my humble opinion. This is my 30th year using this scent. I want my home to be identified with this scent and even keep a warmer plugged in behind the fountain in my outside entry/porch. I keep boxes to give away to the many people who ask, "What is the wonderful smell?" Classic.

Original spray

Posted by b on 24th Aug 2016
This is my all time favorite house spray. I love the scent and this was a super sale. I turn the air handler on and spray some into the intake filtered vent and soon the whole house has a nice smell.


Posted by Joyce Cerami on 23rd Aug 2016

WOW! What an amazing deal.

Posted by Paula D. - Frisco, TX on 19th Aug 2016
Claire Burke original is one of the best fragrances. This BOGO is awesome. The spray is very concentrated so it only take a small amount and your room smells great for hours.

Love this fragrance...it's very soothing. I spray it before I go to sleep..

Posted by Katherine on 17th Aug 2016
Very soothing. I spray it before bedtime, it really has a calming effect.

Love Original!!

I buy this all the time. Love it. Cannot get enough of Claire Burke Original. Great when things go on sale, too!!

This is the best room spray.

Posted by Indy Sam on 5th Aug 2016
I have used this spray for years and it's the only one I do not get a headache or a rash from, as I am allergic to many things. My husband likes this fragrance too.

Best room spray

I have tried all kinds of spray, but have been using Original for years. It's the very best!

I love this fragrance!

Posted by Sheryl D. Vanderstel on 4th Aug 2016
I first found this fragrance at Colonial Williamsburg in 1973 and it has been a favorite since. Fresh and summery - it always puts a smile on my face and my guests love it. I buy it in pairs, and keep it all over the house.

Something my spouse and I both like

I even take this with us wen we travel, to get rid of the smell of hotel cleaners.

The best product ever

Posted by linda cybulski reichardt on 2nd Aug 2016
I love all CB products especially original. I put a drop in my dryer with my clothes ( mostly towels ) the oil has made every thing soooo very good. The dry potpourri in bowls adds a nice scent to the rooms. Room sprays just plain make you feel good and happy. I have used these products for over 30 years and am never disappointed!

Long Lasting

Posted by Debbie on 18th May 2016
Love the way it last a long time. The scent stays around a long time.

My very favorite!

Posted by Sherry on 13th Apr 2016
Always loved this, but wasn't sold at around here, but at one store, and the price is $20 per can.

Smells so good!

Posted by Sherry on 27th Jan 2016
Love it!

Original Nothing But Original

Posted by Karen Spear on 7th Jan 2016
I have used Original scent in my home since 1988. My absolute favorite. It is clean smelling and the perfect scent. I use Original and nothing but Original !!!

Best fragrance

Love this scent.

Love Original

Posted by Gigi on 31st Dec 2015
My mother and I both use this in our homes. It is a fragrance that everybody equates to our homes

Just Used The Room Spray Last Night!

Posted by Patti K on 9th Nov 2015
I like the aerosol version of Claire Burke Original. Light and clean.

Stays and Stays

Posted by Maria on 5th Nov 2015
Besides a fabulous fragrance, the spray stays around a good long time. Nothing worse that some other sprays with a life of a minute!

Love Original

I have been using Claire Burke products for 20+ years. Original scent is my one and only scent. I have never purchased any other scent. Love Original and loved it the first time I smelled it!!!! Great product!!!!

The best

Posted by Kay on 2nd Oct 2015
I have been using the Original scent spray for years. It is a very soft and lovely scent. Guests have commented on how nice it is.

Claire Burke Original Scent Room Sprays

Posted by Carol on 7th Sep 2015
This is the best room spray I have ever used. I started spraying it on my air filters and the aroma is now all thru my house. I also use it in my car and spray it on the car mats and everyone who gets in my car loves this smell. I put you on my Christmas wish list every year so I can have it all year long. Please, Please, Please never discontinue this scent.

Claire Burke Original Scent Room sprays

Posted by Susan on 16th Aug 2015
I have been using this scent in my home for many years now. I use to buy it in my favorite department store & also in a country store. But they no longer carry it!! I was so disappointed until I found it on the internet. I have been ordering it ever since for myself and for my Mom, who also loves it. It is my favorite scent. I spray it in my air vents and on the filter and it keeps my house smelling wonderful all the time. People who visit always ask me what I use to make my house always smell so good! I will always order the Original Scent. To me it is simply the Best!!!

still wonderful after all these years

Posted by Linda J on 12th May 2015
Just the most beautiful, spicy scent I grew up with and still love better than anything else.

40 year user

Posted by Elizabeth on 30th Apr 2015
I am 78 years old and have been using the original spray for the last 40 years when I was given one as a house warming gift when I built a new home. It is harder to find now so I have given up and started ordering it.

Love this fragrance!

We use this scent every day in our home and it just fills our lives with happiness

Fragrance discovered in 1982 - never turned back

Original Home Fragrance Room SPRAY is one of the ways to get the best scent in the world swirling around your room, spinning your soul with tantalizing, wonderful, calm.

Best fragrance ever!

Posted by Susan Kring on 10th Apr 2015
I've used Claire Burke Original Home Fragrance Room Spray since 1967.. It is spicy, woodsy, patchouli-ish and still the best fragrance I have had.. Long lasting. People come to my home and love the fragrance. They say it makes them feel warm and comfortable!

Stressed, Spray relaxation - all your cares will drift away

Posted by haron Swenor on 9th Apr 2015
I have a lot of anxiety issues and when the attacks strike I lay on my bed after spraying your Original scent and within minute the scent has me calming down and the anxiety subsiding.

love this spray is amazing

Posted by Maimi on 25th Mar 2015
My mother used to buy this product when I was a little girl. Now that I am an adult. I found it through this website and I am so happy that I did cuz it makes my house smell great.

Absolutely wonderful

Posted by Joyce Zaagman on 15th Feb 2015
My house smells just wonderful! i was introduced to this fragrance many years ago in Colonial Williamsburg - one of my most favorite vacation spots.

Heaven Scent!

Claire Burke's Original Home Fragrance Spray is the most heavenly scent that I've ever used in my home. My family and I love walking through the front door after a long day at work and school and being "greeted" by the lovely fragrance of roses, lavender, vetiver and the other spices that linger from the morning "spritzes."

Absolute favorite

This is my all time favorite fragrance in room spray. I have used it for years. Thankfully, now I can find it online through Claire Burke.

Absolutely wonderful

I just love your "original" scent. I tried it years ago and have tried other room fragrances since then; but I love your scent the best. One of my cats just love the scent; whatever room I spray it in he'll go in and lay down just to enjoy the wonderful fragrance. Never seen that before.

Nothing Better

Posted by Joe Boyd on 16th Jan 2015
The fragrance, its strength and lasting qualities leave all others in the dust

Love it

Posted by denise on 11th Jan 2015
My home smells wonderful!

favorite scent

I purchased the original spray at department store many years ago. I kept going back to store to buy more and they did not carry it anymore. So I was very disappointed and gave up hope finding it until I realized it was sold online It is my favorite home spray and get so many compliments when people visit on scent of my home. It's very soft and not overbearing but still noticeable. Love it

love this scent

Wonderful product and excellent customer service!!

Long Time User

Posted by David L. on 12th Dec 2014
I purchased Original sometime in the 1970's from a shop in Williamsburgh, VA and have continued using it ever since. It's subtle fragrance is so very pleasant and unassuming!

best scent ever

Posted by carol on 8th Dec 2014
We have been buying this scent since our honeymoon in Williamsburgh, VA 56 years ago

Would not purchase it if I did not love it!

Super product

Freshest, Most Inviting Fragrance Ever!!!!

Posted by Dale on 3rd Nov 2014
Have been using this product for years, Luv it

My Favorite

I have used Original Scent products for many years. Not only is this room spray product wonderful, the customer service is very good as well. On my last order, the nozzle on one of the room sprays would not work. I called customer service and spoke with a very nice customer representative. I explained what had happened and she apologized for the problem, stating that a replacement room spray would be sent right out. I promptly received the replacement a couple of days later. I highly recommend not only the Original Home Fragrance Spray, but the company as well.

i have loved this product for years

Posted by Lauri Judson on 5th Sep 2014
My mother used this for years and so did I. I didn't know Claire Burke was even still in business, but once I realized it, my mom and I are both ordering a lot of different products. Love, love, love Claire Burke!!!

Love It

I've been using the Original Room Spray for years. My grandchildren have commented on how good grandma's house smells.

I absolutely love this product. I take it with me wherever I travel. Highly recommend it.

Posted by Bonita Fero on 3rd Aug 2014
The absolutely best.


Posted by Cindy on 25th Jul 2014
I first experienced this room fragrance over 30 years ago at a store in Long grove Il. I bought a bottle at that time, and have never looked back. I have been using this spray for over 30 years & still love the smell. I always keep several extras on hand so I never run out. There are cheaper roon sprays, but certainly none better.

Unique Fragrance

I fell in love with this fragrance 47 years ago... I felt an ambiance in every spray...... Almost 50 years and I love it just as much as the beginning. I have had to hunt for it at times but I always found it.. I think I'm addicted!

Delightful fragrance

Have used this product for over 30 years and wouldn't think of using anything else. Always a fresh fragrance.

A true "Classic"!

Posted by David L. on 3rd Jul 2014
My first purchase of Original was in Williamsburg, Virginia sometime in 1978 and I was hooked.

great product

Posted by Linda on 28th Jun 2014
I have used this product for 40 years-It is the best I have ever used.

Old timer

Posted by June Brandon on 23rd Jun 2014
Have used this product since 1962 when I discovered it at Rosebud's in Metamora, Indiana. Was devastated when our local Federated store discontinued. I am 84 and simply thrilled at the convenience of online ordering with the excellent service received. Thank you for making access so simple. Fragrance is most pleasant I know.

Claire Burke Original is the best product made for the price

Posted by Chris Leckington on 20th Jun 2014
I have been using the Claire Burke Original for more than 20 years and I will continue to buy it. So many friends ask me "What is that fragrance"? "It smells so good! I tell them what it is an where they can get it. It is no longer sold locally so I buy it online directly from Claire Burke. I am so happy to be able to do this from my home and not have to travel 50 miles to get it.

great Product!

I really love this product. It smells wonderful in a room and you just need a couple sprays.

Love It

We really love this spray. The fragrance is so lovely and it lasts so much longer than any other spray we've tried.

I'll use it forever!

This is the only room spray I will use. It is not offensive and gives a wonderful fragrance to the whole house. Visitors always as what I'm using.

No other fragrence like this in thr wotld!

Posted by Rosa Yvonne McCree on 31st May 2014
First used back in the early to mid 80's. Couldn't find it by 1990 so I tried others....then came intetnet and Whoa..there it was Claire Burke Original. My nose is happy , my house is happy, my guest compliment the fragrence and I'm happy.

More than one use for room spray

Posted by Gayle on 13th May 2014
The Original room spray has a good strong scent right from the can. Love it! I find I can also refresh my bowl of Original potpourri by spraying it directly on the potpourri. Works great!

Keeps your home classically fresh.

Posted by Marsha Schaal-Speed on 28th Apr 2014
I have used Clair Burke Original room spray for over 40+ years. My dear Mother worked at Back Street in Newport Beach, California. This was a very exclusive shop and used only Original Scent...........and I have used it ever since (late 1960's). Wonderful, wonderful!


Posted by Jukieann on 26th Mar 2014
I get so many compliments on how good my house smells--I brought a can to my office,everyone loves it--a can in my car--I always have plenty on hand for gifts. So glad I've finally found this sight to order,can't find it in any stores anymore

It's a Keeper.

I was introduced to your original (Vapourri) scent by my late mother-in-law, who used it in her summer home in northern Michigan, ca. the late '70s/early '80s. No matter how hard it was to find in the years between when it was sold only at such upscale emporia as Saks Fifth Avenue & then at places like J.C. Penney & then finally online, I've been a devotee ever since. More than one friend has told me that packages I send all smell just like the (un)natural habitat in which I live.

Love, love, love this fragrance.

Posted by Jean on 17th Mar 2014
I have been using this scent for 20+ years and love it. I just wish you still carried the powder that you sprinkled on carpeting. Any chance of bringing it back?

I love this scent!

This scent has been used for generations in my family. It is such a natural, calming scent that is not overpowering. I have tried other brands and they always turn out smelling too strong and artificial to me and and I always go back to Claire Burke Original Spray. It is the best - I spray all my linens with it and my guests always compliment me on how nice my house smells.


What can I say - the Original Home Fragrance Room Spray is an upscale smell!

Long lasting!

Best scent for the powder room and when you are expecting company! Many compliments from friends on this scent!


Posted by Saundra Abel on 16th Mar 2014
The smell is clean and pure. Everyone compliments me on the freshness of my home. Thank you for a delightful product!

Only one I buy.

Posted by Juanita Johnson on 15th Mar 2014
Have been buying the original scent for years, always get compliments on the fragrance. Everyone wants to know what it is and where I get it.

The absolute best

Posted by Dana Fulton on 7th Mar 2014
I have used this room spray for over 35 years. It is my signature home scent. It's a welcome gift that I give often. The scent is perfection!

Have love the smell for years!!

The Orginal Scent beats any of the competition hands down!!


Posted by jill collins on 3rd Mar 2014

Fresh and Unmistakable

Posted by Rusty Terry on 25th Feb 2014
The Claire Burke Original Home Spray is my all time favoriet. I have used this exclusively for the last 25 years in my home. The house always smells fresh and welcoming. I use the spray and the plug-ins, I have loose potpourri. I just wish they'd bring back the hand soap and vacuum powder!

Original, the BEST

Posted by Dmzimmie on 20th Feb 2014
I adore this scent, Original. I also use the simmering oil in the Original scent. My house smells so wonderful! Thank you!


i love this scent... it works all year and is an amazing room, linen and body scent! wish u would bring back the scented body lotion!

It is the best!!!!!

Posted by Nancy Jones on 14th Feb 2014
I love it my friends come in to visit and they say what Your house smells so good!!! That is all I need!!!!

Iconic scent is still the best!

Posted by Cathleen Humphrey on 14th Feb 2014
So many similar products on the market but none as delicious as this one. I have loved it for years. Price point is great too!

Original Home Fragrance Room Spray

My favorite for years!


Posted by JT on 13th Feb 2014
I remember this scent from a friends house when I was younger and it's still the best scent for a home. I love it........

Original scent

Love this spray. Have been using for years. Also give as gifts.

I Love Claire Burke - Original fragrance is the BEST!

I love this product. Wish this product was available at more retail stores like Dillards, Belk, etc.

My favorite of all the sprays

Posted by Jukieann on 10th Feb 2014
I have so many compliments on how wonderful my house always smells

Great fragrance

Posted by Marty V. on 10th Feb 2014
Have used this products for over 15yrs. and wouldn't use anything else. It's great for gifts also.

The home fragrance spray is one of my little luxuries...

Posted by Sharon Davis on 9th Feb 2014
Love it, love it, love it. I spray my house after the weekly cleaning and it lasts for several days. The fragrance is timeless. Thanks!

Smells like grandmother's house

My grandmother's house always had a special aroma. aside from Tollhouse cookies and pie. It had a fresh, unusual scent that just smelled good. Claire Burkes' room spray evokes that time and yet is timeless in its pleasantness.


Posted by Carol on 16th Jan 2014
You don't need a lot to refresh a room. It is a nice clean acent - not sweet or overpowering.

Love this sensen like scent...

wish I could stockpile a case

I love this Scent!

Posted by Nancy Short on 13th Jan 2014
The Original scent is a clean and woodsy scent. Not sweet at all and I love that.

Calming,old fashioned scent

Posted by Dan Trader on 6th Jan 2014
This brings back memories of another era. Fresh, clean, SWEET!

The original is the best

Posted by Jukieann on 6th Jan 2014
I've used the original for years--I've turned on many of friends and family to it also--the bad thing is how hard it is to find anymore--thank goodness I found this site to order from. I also like apple jack in the fall.

CB's "Original" Home fragrance

Posted by Gayle on 3rd Jan 2014
LOVE this fragrance! Have used for 30-40 years! If you like fruity, cookies, cake-type fragrances, then you will NOT want this one; however, if you want an extremely fresh, clean odor that stays well, then this is the one for you!!!

Loved this fragrance for 30 years!

Posted by Christie Kitchens on 3rd Jan 2014
A friend introduced me to this spray on a road trip long ago. The Original fragrance sprayed into the stale air of the old Belmont Hotel in Baton Rouge, now gone away, instantly made the room feel more like home. I bought some for myself the next day and have loved it ever since.

Clare Burke Original

Posted by LaLa on 2nd Jan 2014
I've been purchasing Clare Burke Original Vapourri for 20+ years. I purchase the home spray, oils and the potpourri. I am constantly complimented on my home's scent! Love this stuff.

always a favorite


Bravo for Burke's original

Posted by joan watson on 27th Dec 2013
I have used this spray for years. It is a long lasting scent that keeps rooms, sheets, blankets, closets, etc, with a pleasing, lingering aroma. In my opinion, it is better than any scented candle. I have used the original scent exclusively - but there is a strong temptation to test other Clare Burk scents as well.

Claire Burke Original

Posted by windsorgn on 26th Dec 2013
Years and years ago I was in an upscale boutique and there was a wonderful fragrance inside the store. I inquired what the name of this fragrance was, and discovered Claire Burke Original. I have used this same fragrance in the oil and room spray from that day forward. If you are not familiar with it, trust me, you will never be disappointed with this particular product by Claire Burke. The aroma is beautiful.


I use this to drop onto old drawer and closet sachets (which are difficult to find today. It's especially good for closets where coats are stored.

Sheer joy!

Posted by June Brandon on 14th Dec 2013
Am 83 years old and have loved this product since introduced to it at ROSEBUD's in Metamora, indiana in 1962 -- owned by Rose and Bud Hyde. Rose kept their delightful shop lightly scented. Never overwhelming. Devastated when Lazarus discontinued it. Delighted with the availability at your website. Thank you. So glad to have the fragrance in my home again.

simpke and conplex

Claire Burke Original home Fragrance Spray is a complex aroma that works. True to its origins, it remains a top quality product that has stood the test of time. I've loved it for years, and it still delivers the goods.

A Vintage Scent For The Whole House

Posted by Joanie on 9th Dec 2013
I bought a few Original scents for family members. I'm certain they'll love this vintage aroma. It will take them back to happy days when I sprayed the whole house. They loved it then and they'll love it now!!!

Great, as always

Posted by Ruby redress on 9th Dec 2013
Same old wonderful scent. It lingers quite awhile, too.

LOVE the smell of Original

Posted by Ellen on 9th Dec 2013
I grew up with this spray - my Mom used it always, it seems. I totally love it too! A potpourri smell unlike other nasty smelling potpourris(Glade, others).

There is nothing like Claire Burke. I have used it for years. I love the original scent.

Posted by Betty Barclay on 5th Dec 2013
If you can imagine how it smells in a first class gift shop, with all the smells of the scented candles,flowers, dried eucalyptus,a hint of cinnamon and cloves and fresh clean laundry and a dash of class. This is Claire Burke Original Scent Room Spray. You only need a small amount and it last for hours. I love it.


Posted by NANCY on 9th Nov 2013
I love Claire Burke room sprays. The original smells so clean and refreshing. It lingers for a long time and makes your entire area smell wonderful.

Claire Burke Original is my signature scent!

I have been using Claire Burke original scent for 20 years!! Friends always remark how wonderful my house smells. Apparently, I even smell that way as my son-in-law remarked one day. I panic when I am almost out. Love,love,love it!

Original Fragrance

The CB original fragrance in spray can has, over the years, been a consistent presence and is always in use in our home.

Beautiful. beautiful

Posted by Linda on 24th Oct 2013
This has been my go to room freshener for more than 20 years. I was so disappointed when it was no longer for sale. Now that it is back, I purchase it by the case. My home always has a fresh smell and the comments I receive are always the best. As soon as I spray a room, I feel great. I spray my bedroom often as it has a relaxing effect for sleeping. I just love it.

love this product

i use the spray whenever i need a happy smell to cheer me up

Love this spray

Original room spray is the greatest

Elegant atmosphere

Posted by Raejean on 30th Aug 2013
I have used the Vapourri for years and love the primary elements in it as well as the base notes that linger. This scent has always seemed to promote calm and a feeling of relaxation. Enjoy!


Best spray there is. Have used it for years. can's could be a little larger but then a little goes along way

claire Burke

This is the best room spray ever!!!

Love the produck, but only half full..

Posted by Verla on 14th Aug 2013
Not enough product in a can of this room spray.

Love It!

Posted by Lois on 5th Aug 2013
I love the original Claire Burke fragrance. It freshens my house along with the electric warmer I have in the same scent.

Fabuloso!!! Best Ever!!!

Posted by Kathleen on 31st Jul 2013
This is the only REAL home spray that is worth the effort. The fragrance is truly original.....no trace of vanilla or horrid fruits.....just refreshing, invigorating fragrance. Thank God I found this website. It used to be available in local stores, but no more. Online only....Hurray!!!