Welcome in Spring, Your Candle Guide

After a very long winter in quarantine, spring cannot get here soon enough. We all need to change the mood and welcome the upcoming season. It is the perfect time to explore a new fragrance. Start by lighting a fresh new candle to get your home ready for warmer months and a positive change. We have a scent for you. Check out the fragrances from the Diamond Collection to see what your favorite scent will be to kick off spring. 

The Iconic Original

Complex and creative, comprised of more the 50 ingredients. A twist on rose with lavender, patchouli, vetiver and spices. Not at all your typical floral scent. Available in a botanical candle as well. 

Lavender Balsam

If you prefer a scent that is not a floral, this one is for you. The guys love this one with notes of Lavender, Citron, Sweet Grass, Rosemary and Sage Clary blend beautifully with a sensual wood mix of Balsam, Cedar and rich Sandalwood. It is not floral at all. We like to call it the "boyfriend" scent. A winner for all.

 Sea Salt & Grapefruit

Take me to the beach!  This is a wonderful scent made up of Grapefruit, Apricot, tart Rhubarb and fresh Pineapple, commingled with a stunning Marine note and warm base of seductive Musk and Vanilla. Okay, so it is not the beach but it is distinctive and zesty that energizes the soul.

Mandarin Musk

A light floral with notes of citrus. A mélange of fruits, led by juicy Mandarin, sparkling Lemon & Bergamot, along with enticing Pomegranate, Peony, Neroli and Musk to create this sophisticated aroma. A fresh scent to get you ready for Spring and Summer. 


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