The Ultimate Wax Warmer Guide

     Offering a flameless and safe alternative to burning scented candles, wax warmers allow captivating fragrances to permeate your home environment. Place wax melts or tarts into the warmer and enjoy an abundant variety of scents, including floral, spice, vanilla, fruity, and fresh aromas. The best wax warmers not only function as fragrance sources, but also add to the home decor with their attractive designs, colors, and materials. They can emit a soft lighting to enhance the ambiance of the home.

Claire Burke Wax Warmer Unit      Electric wax warmers consist of heat-resistant containers that feature heat sources along with heat-resistant bowls that hold wax melts. The heat causes the wax tarts to melt, and the melting action releases fragrances into the air.  There are so many choices when it comes to picking out your warmer unit. Wax warmer units are available in so many different materials, colors, shapes, design and sizes.  With a plethora of appealing choices on the market, shoppers may choose the best wax warmer to complement their home decor as well as serve versatile functions in the home.  It is best to invest in a good ceramic wax melt burner and one that fits your decor. Check out Claire Burke's unit. This one has clean lines, is white ceramic and simple so that it will fit in any décor, not to mention 'budget friendly'. 

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