Summer Candles We Can't Stop Sniffing

Summer candles

 Looking for a summer candle to add to your home? 

 We've rounded up summer candles that will bring major vacay vibes into your space. No need to pack your bags, just light one of these candles up to escape into an endless summer dream.

  We all like different fragrances. Some like it sweet, others citrus, some like more masculine notes. We have scents that are mood-lifters, soothing your anxious energy from the first sniff. 

Lavender Balsam Candle by Claire Burke

Lavender Balsam

If you're not into florals, this scent is for you. Don't let the name fool you, a subtle hint of lavender fills the air with ease and relaxation. 

The Lavender Balsam fragrance has a soft, clean, and fresh smell thanks to the citron and lavender notes, but the sandalwood and cedar makes it more masculine. 

It's truly a versatile combination of lavender warm and earthy smell of sage creates the perfect scene for a summer romance.

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Sea Salt and Grapefruit Candle by Claire Burke Summer Fragrances

Sea SALT & Grapefruit

Exhilarating blend of citrusy scents of grapefruit and fresh ocean water evoke the sense of summer before you even light the Sea Salt and Grapefruit Candle. 

Perfectly packaged in a bright colorful box that matches its  warm summer day aroma livens up any space with delicious delight. 

Yep it's the perfect hostess gift for that summer pool party or to give anyone that loves fresh fragrances on a hot summer day. 

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Mandarin Musk Candle by Claire Burke Summer Fragrances


Mandarin Musk gives off a crisp scent with light floral aromas of peony, bittersweet citrus of neroli that will your home will transport you to a countryside retreat on a summer day in Italy.

Its juicy mandarin, lemon and bergamot blend perfectly with  pomegranate, peony, neroli and musk. The fragrant, coconut soy wax blend is merged into a sleek white glass vessel, making it the perfect candle for summer.

It's so yummy you will want to take it on vacation with you. 

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