So Many Ways to Sachet

Let me count the ways to use a sachet...

Claire Burke Original Sachets
  1. Hide one in your shoe boxes or storage bins. Especially with those stinky tennis shoes!
  2. Slip a sachet in your sock drawer. A must for the teenage BOYS.
  3. Stash a sachet with scarves and all your lingerie.
  4. Keep a sachet tucked into hat boxes with accessories.
  5. Store small sachets with all your winter gloves.
  6. Works well in a coat closet to create a welcoming scent.
    1. Include a sachet when storing seasonal clothing.
    2. Keep a sachet in your storage bins to keep packed items smelling fresh. No Muss here!
    3. Perfect for adding fresh scent to a garage, basement or other storage areas.
    4. Keep a sachet where you store your hiking gear or camping supplies.
    5. Stash a sachet in storage buildings or units.
    6. Spice up a toolbox or shed with a sachet.
    7. Original SachetPlace one under your kitchen or bathroom sink.
    8. A sachet in a recipe box creates sweet-scented cards and a great gift idea for a friend.
    9. For sweet fragrance in the bathroom, keep a sachet in a vanity drawer or dressing table.
    10. Store a sachet with hair accessories.
    11. Keep a bathroom smelling fresh by hiding sachet behind the toilet.
    12. Stow a sachet under the sink for fresh fragrance in the bathroom.
    13. Great for the linen closet. Towels smell fresher with a sachet stored nearby!
    14. Hide a small sachet in the toilet paper bar so, when it spins, you get fresh scent!
    15. Hide one under your pillow. Sweet dreams.
    16. Place a sachet on the guest bed pillow for a sweet welcome
    17. Keep a sachet in hamper or near dirty clothes basket.
    18. Keep the laundry room smelling fresh and clean with sachets!
    19. Tuck a sachet into a wreath on door.
    20. Hide a sachet in an umbrella stand.
    21. Create fresh-cut fragrance by hiding a sachet behind silk plants.
    22. Tuck a sachet in a magazine rack.
    23. Hide one in your basket with blankets for a softly scented living space.
    24. Keep in hope chest or wardrobe. Keeps that stagnant scent away.
    25. Slide a sachet under outdoor couch or chair pillows.
    26. Hide one in any musty nook or corner.
    27. Keep a sachet near smoky areas or near ashtrays.
    28. “Clean up” the mud room with a fresh-smelling sachet.
    29. Slide in return air vent with filter.
    30. Place near vents or on radiator to circulate sweet scent.
    31. Slide a sachet between the trash can and bag liner to keep odors at bay.
    32. Place sachets in a home that is “for sale” to provide a welcoming fragrance.
    33. Open envelope and add contents to vacuum compartment or bag. Vacuum will diffuse the scent!
    34. Keep one in gym or golf bag.
    35. Freshen a home gym or workout area with a sachet.
    36. Keep a sachet near sweaty sports equipment.
    37. Scent your vehicle by placing sachets under seats and mats.
    38. Add one to the trunk especially if hauling around gym and sports bags.
    39. Tuck a sachet in your car visor for fragrance on the go.
    40. Slide a sachet in glove box or car door pocket.
    41. Throw one in your suitcase while traveling. When you arrive, your clothes will smell fresh.
    42. Carry a sachet with you while traveling to freshen hotel rooms.
    43. Take along to vacation homes (and leave behind as a gift!)
    44. Store a sachet near pet beds or pet crates and a must next to the cat litter box!
    45. Hide a sachet in the dog house to keep Fido fresh.
    46. Those stinky diaper pails could use one.
    47. No more sour milk smell! Stow beneath child’s car seat.
    48. Tuck a sachet in a stroller pocket.
    49. Send monthly in a college or camp care package.
    50. Lockers smell better with a sachet inside!
    51. Slip sachet into a backpack.
    52. Brighten up a university dorm room with the fragrance of a sachet.
    53. Hide a sachet behind books in your library.
    54. Freshen up your workspace! Place a sachet in your office or cubicle.
    55. Slip a sachet in a relaxing fragrance in a desk drawer or file cabinet.
    56. The key to a fresh smelling desk: simply hide a sachet behind your computer.
    57. Freshen up the office by placing a sachet in the room where paper and supplies are stored.
    58. Sachets make perfect additions to gift baskets.
    59. Give sachets as teacher or hostess gifts.
    60. Share a sachet for every room as a housewarming gift.
    61. Nice touch to a gift as a topper.
    62. Brighten someone’s day by giving them a sachet!
    63. Store with cards and stationery for a lingering sweet scent. Wait do people write letters anymore?
    64. Slide a sachet into flower arrangements, vases, and centerpieces.
    65. Place sachet in artificial wreath, garland or Christmas tree.
    66. Add ribbon to a sachet to use as a holiday tree ornament.
    67. Give sachets as stocking stuffers.
    68. Send with holiday cards.
    69. Holiday decorations keep their festive flair when you tuck a sachet into storage with them.
    70. Tuck a sachet in your autumn decor or centerpiece, or near pumpkins on the front porch.

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