Potpourri 101

     The sense of smell is known to have a powerful effect on your mood. It is easy to create a pleasant scent in your home by adding potpourri to several rooms in your home. It can also enhance the décor by adding texture and a pop of color as well. 

     Lavender is a soothing fragrance and can help you relax and help you to sleep. Patchouli can help reduce stress and put you in a restful mood.  Both these scents are found in Claire Burke’s Original fragrance and in the Potpourri too. Putting a bowl on your nightstand can relax you into a restful sleep. You may want to add some home fragrance oil to your potpourri as the fragrance gets milder over time. 

    Visually it can add a bit of color and a natural element to a neutral room, or easily blend into your current color scheme.  Potpourri can also enrich the ambience of your kitchen, when you place some apple or cinnamon fragranced Potpourri in the room. Some like to simmer it on the stove with a bit of simmering oil and water, which can add a bit more fragrance to the room. 

    For the holidays there is nothing prettier than a big glass bowl or wide neck vase, filled with Potpourri, (I love the smell of Fresh Royal Fir Potpourri) mixed with some natural pinecones and topped with a bit of Home fragrance oil. It looks and smells divine! 

    Potpourri has texture, color, fragrance and often a mood enhancing effect. Sounds like it may be the perfect addition to your home! 

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