Clever Ways to use Scented Sachets

Scented sachets are a great way to try new fragrances, and they are so easy to use! 

Sachets are so fun! There are so many ways to use a sachet. Upgrade your underwear drawer. Place one in any drawer or linen closet. Our scented sachets make great car air fresheners! Place the sachet under your seat in the car, tuck it between your sun visor and the roof of your car, or slip one of your sachets in the pocket on the back of your seat. If it's summer, you'll notice that the sachet gives off more fragrance when it's left in the heat. One good thing about the summer heat. Ha.
Can you boil scented sachets?

Yes, you can by placing the insides of the sachet into a small saucepan with roughly 2 cups of water, bring to a boil then reduce to a low simmer. Add additional water if the water level becomes low. You can also add simmering oil to increase the fragrance.





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