Best Scented Candles Money Can Buy

Introducing The Diamond Collection

The Original is another option for those who do not want a floral scent. A very complex fragrance that comes off spicy, with notes of patchouli, lavender and cozy notes of vetiver and spice.

Lavender Balsam has a soft, clean, and fresh smell thanks to the citron and lavender notes, but the settle wood and cedar comes through and makes it more masculine. Perfect for you and your significant other. 

Mandarin Musk gives off  a crisp scent with light floral smells of peony, the bitter sweet citrus of neroli that'll remind you of a chill August evening. It is so yummy you will want to take it on vacation with you.

Sea Salt & Grapefruit a citrusy scent of grapefruit and fresh seawater air all capture din every candle. All wrapped up in a bright colorful box that screams happiness.


Luxury Candles

The Original

Luxury Candles

Lavender Balsam

Luxury Candles

Mandarin Musk

Luxury Candles

Sea Salt &Grapefruit

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