6 Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

There are so many options to make your home smell amazing: candles, room sprays, diffusers, electric warmers, simmering oil, potpourri, and wax melts just to name a few.


Not only emit a wonderful fragrance but they also add to the ambience and help create a mood.

Room Sprays

Allow you to control the amount of fragrance you release in the air.
Diffusers are an excellent product to use when you want a constant stream of fragrance and you are not able to watch a candle.

Electric Fragrance Warmers

For more continuous scent, you can place these throughout your home without worrying about your pets knocking them over. Each fragrance warmer refill provides reliable scent for 30-45 days, so you’ll always feel confident that your home smells great.

Simmering Oil 

Creates an inviting atmosphere with our fragrant simmering oils. Simply add a bit of oil to a pot of water and heat it on the stove to let the fragrance waft into the air.


    Has lightly fragranced natural botanicals that smell and look amazing. Place them in a bowl or vase of your choosing for a nice accent to your decor. The larger the opening the better the scent will emit into the air. You can add home oil to the potpourri to strengthen the scent.


    • Linda

      I’m looking for a scent citrus and sage only one I can find is by Yankee Candle don’t care for their products I love Claire Burke

    • “Original” Lover

      I have been a long time consumer of Claire Burke Original for 30 years. I spend over a thousand dollars each year on purchases, using candles and room warmers (with refills), as well as diffusers (with refills) and spray. Over the years, (even though I quit using it for months) I find the fragrance is no longer as strong as what it used to be. It does not linger and the candles have little aroma. The only item that seems the same is the spray. Even people I gift (which is many) have said the same. I don’t know if it is watered down more or what, but I want my lingering Claire Burke Original scent back that I love. Unfortunately, I no longer purchase your candles for gifts.

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