5 Types of Candles to Keep in Your Home

5 Types of Candles to keep in your home

I like to have a few different kinds of candles around to help me set the perfect mood for whatever I might have planned, get together with friends, dinner party etc.
Candles have the power to change the look and feel of a place, not just add fragrance. You can dimly illuminate a room to create a mood. It truly can elevate the look of a room. Candles have come a long way and you can get them in so many different shapes and sizes, colors and fragrances.


A smaller candle usually around 1 ½ inches tall and 2” in diameter. You should always place in a holder of some sort before lighting. To create a nice visual, put several together in a grouping to add to your décor. You can make a statement when friends come over when you have several lined up on your dining room table, mantle.


Smaller than a votive and also must be put in a container before you light. Tealights are a great accent when spread throughout in groups.


Typically burn 3-4 hours and must be put in a candle stick holder. A great way to add a little romance with a candle light dinner.

Filled candles

Come in a glass jar and are larger than the votives. A nice touch when placed on a coffee table book in your family room or lining your pathway to your front door for a grand entrance.

Floating candles

Perfect center piece and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can add flowers around the candles for a beautiful pop of color even stones, sand or beads for texture. The glow of fire on water is an incredible combination and a stunning accent. 

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