The Best Candle Fragrances

There are many ‘bests’ when it comes to candle fragrance, and this is because every individual has a unique sense of smell that activates a positive or negative response.

When someone is cooking and using a lot of Garlic in their recipe, I think it is a wonderful smell. Loving Italian food may be the reason, but some people may not think the same and dislike the fragrance.

The same goes for candles. We all have several hundred receptors in our noses that determine our sense of smell and different fragrances will activate these receptors and send a signal to the brain. The response is often different from person to person.

There are many cases when you say you like the way something smells and other people do not, like I mentioned in the case of using garlic while cooking. It still is a mystery as to how our receptors are activated but researchers have found that no two people smell things the same way.

Back to candle fragrances. When someone smells a vanilla candle burning, they may love it, and it may be because it brings back a pleasant memory of cookies or apple pie baking in their home, growing up. In the case of the Claire Burke Original fragrance, we often hear that when a customer smells this fragrance it triggers wonderful memories from their past. It may have been the signature fragrance for a favorite store, their aunts house, or in the house that they purchased. It can be truly be the scent of memories that makes you feel good and sometimes reminiscent.

I like the more citrus and herbal fragrances, whereas someone else may like the musky, woodsy fragrances, or floral ones.

Whichever candle fragrance you enjoy, that makes you feel good enough to take a deep breath, and possibly bring back a pleasant memory, is the best candle fragrance for you. There are many ‘best fragrances’ out there and I hope you find yours if you haven’t already.