Claire Burke the Best Customers

      Many of us here at Claire Burke have been working alone at home for the past couple of years and haven’t seen our work mates or friends for a long time other than on a Zoom call. I was thinking about what has helped me through this time of isolation at home.  I am grateful for Zoom, believe me! But, it’s not the same as spontaneously saying something out loud to someone next to you at work or sitting together at lunch, face-to-face, having a conversation. We all need personal contact and are somewhat lost without it.

     Answering the phones at CB and talking to our customers has been a life saver! At Claire Burke we have so many loyal customers who call us on a regular basis. We truly get to know each of you a little more each time you call and, before you know it, we are sharing stories, having a laugh together, and becoming acquaintances.

     Like the customers who tell me about how our fragrances bring back fond memories of a family member who used our fragrances, or how a computer technician returned a repaired computer to one of our customers, and said she had the best smelling computer he’s ever fixed! (She has been using the Original fragrance in her home for years) The same thing happened when a young woman picked up her dog from the Vet and he told her that she had the best smelling dog they ever treated.

     These conversations, (and we have several a day) have made the isolation of working from home a lot more enjoyable than I ever would have thought. It’s kept me connected with so many wonderful people who have many great stories to share. I am so grateful for our customers of all ages from all over the country and wanted you to know how important you are to us and that you are a part of our tight knit Claire Burke Family….more so than ever before. You have kept us sane during this crazy and often unsettling time and I just thought you should know.

    Thank you for being there for us as much as we are here for you!  I truly appreciate our chats!!