Original Stories: Martha's Signature Scent

Original Stories: Martha's Signature Scent

It’s time for another installment of Original Stories, our series of personal memories from some of our most devoted customers.

Our latest story comes from Martha L., who says she started using the Original spray in the late 1960s. “My best friend’s parents owned a high-end furniture store in Delphi, Indiana,” Martha tells us, “and there were Claire Burke products there. I absolutely loved the Original fragrance and bought the spray for my own room at home.”

By the time Martha got married, the store had closed, so she had to find other sources for Claire Burke Original. “We didn’t have the convenience of the internet in my day,” Martha says with a laugh, “so when the local JCPenney store started carrying it, I was ecstatic. They also started carrying it at Macy’s for a while, so I would buy a large supply.”

Over the years, her friends and family began to associate the fragrance with her. Martha loves to entertain, and says guests have often inquired about the “warm and welcoming” scent of her home. During her years as a self-described “hands-on grandma,” Martha says she frequently found herself cooking for “a houseful of kids—mine and extras.” At her oldest granddaughter’s wedding in 2017, a friend of the bride approached Martha to say how much she had enjoyed those get-togethers long ago. “She said her favorite thing was the smell of my house,” Martha reports.

A local thrift store even called Martha to ask about the scent after she donated some clothing, blankets, and linens. At this point, she says, “my husband and I have lived at this house for 40 years, so I guess it probably is in the wood.”

Thanks, Martha, for sharing your story and for your loyalty to Claire Burke Original!