Gift Giving

Gift Giving

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means now is the perfect time to start thinking about your shopping list. Don’t worry, Claire Burke is here to help you find the best fragrance-centric gifts that will leave a lasting impression this holiday season.

Did you know that sense of smell is the most primal and mysterious of our six senses? Fragrances not only have the power to evoke memories, they can also transform your mood instantly. Perhaps peppermint reminds you of your grandfather, or freshly mowed grass takes you back to the house you grew up in. Whatever it may be, there is no denying the power of smell. Here are a few scentimental gift ideas and tips:

Candles are great gifts for those who love to decorate their home and add an inviting touch with a beautiful fragrance. When choosing a candle, try rubbing your finger on the wax around the wick before you sniff. This will release the fragrance of the candle and give you a better idea of what your home may smell like once you light it. Another thing to look out for is liquid beading on top – this is a sign that the fragrance and the wax are not compatible which means it’s a poorly made candle.

Choose complex/multifaceted fragrances: It's easy to stick to one fragrance in the home. Whether its a spray for the bathroom or living room, try a fragrance that has more than one scent in it so that it smells less like a "cover up" spray and more like an overall pleasant fragrance that works for your home. Claire Burke's Original fragrance is a perfect example of a multifaceted fragrance that blends spices, rose, lavender, patchouli and vetiver.

Room Sprays: The best sprays have a very fine dispersion. Before you buy a fragrance spray do the test first: spray some in the air, walk through the mist, and if any droplets hit you then it is not a fine spray.

Unsure of Scent Preference: If you have someone on your shopping list and you are unsure of what scents they may prefer, give them a home fragrance oil or simmering oil so they can portion the scent to their liking on the stove top or on an oil warmer.

Sometimes the best gift ideas take you down memory lane and a fragrance can do that like no other. And who knows, maybe you'll introduce someone to a new fragrance that will have them remembering you and this holiday season years from now.