Authorized Retailer Returns & Exchange Policy

We want all our customers to be happy with their purchases and receive the best customer care possible. This Authorized Retailer Return policy applies to any product that was purchased from an outside authorized retailer (not purchased on our website).

1. With proof of purchase, please return the item to the retailer the item was purchased from. (If this item was given to you as a gift, please contact the gift giver to assist with the return or exchange.)

2. It is the retailers responsibility to follow their store policies and supply you with a return, refund or exchange.

*In some circumstances, a retailer may not be able to resolve the issue directly. If you have followed this policy and the issue is not resolved completely contact our customer service via email at Please supply us with proof of purchase and the name of the retailer where the purchase was made. We cannot guarantee a return, refund or exchange but we will do our best to assist you to resolve the issue.